LED technology deployed to make Mercedes car Invisible
5th March , 2012

LED technology deployed to make Mercedes car Invisible

MERCEDES-BENZ brilliantly bring to public attention their environmentally friendly and energy efficient automotive Fuel-Cell (F-CELL) hydrogen technology through the creation and demonstration of an “invisible” car. If something is invisible, then you can see through it and see what is behind it. The Daimler scientists achieved this spectacular optical illusion by covering one side of the car with mats of LEDs and mounting a Canon DSLR camera on the other side of the vehicle. The live video taken by the camera on one side of the car is displayed in real time on the multi-colour LED display made up of the mats of LEDs covering the other side of the car. See the invisible Mercedes in action on the video clip below.

The camouflage effect worked very well in both urban and rural settings at day-time and night-time. While this stunning vehicle was on tour recently in Germany, the LED display would at intervals fade to black and then advertise the attributes of the zero emmissions F-CELL car.

Perhaps, the ‘magical’ invisibility cloaks used by those heroes such as Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins of Lord of the Rings had a cloak made of nano-fabric incorporating micro LEDs and cameras! The next James Bond car among other new applications for an “invisible” car?

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