LED Filament Bulbs – Best of Both Worlds!
11th July , 2017

LED Filament Bulbs – Best of Both Worlds!

LED Filament Bulbs- Chip-On-Glass (COB)What is a LED Filament Bulb?

LEDvista LightingAlthough LED filament bulbs are deliberately designed to be similar in appearance and in effect to traditional incandescent filament bulbs, they are fundamentally different in how they work. A traditional incandescent bulb generates light through passing enough electric current through its tungsten filament to heat the filament to a high temperature until it glows with visible light (incandescence). A LED (Light Emitting Diode) Filament is composed of a series of LED semiconductor chips mounted in linear fashion on a transparent substrate made of glass or sapphire.

LED Filaments - Manufacturing stepsThe method of construction of a LED Filament is referred to as Chip-On-Glass (COG). After the LED chip bonding on the glass substrate is done, the substrate is then coated in phosphor. Each end of the filament has a metal electrode for further assembly. The properties of the yellow phosphor coating are essential to obtaining the desired light quality, colour temperature and CRI (colour rendering index). In addition, the phosphor coating acts to improve the robustness of the bulb and improve safety.

LED Filament Bulbs - LEDvista Lighting Benefits of LED Filament Bulbs
  • It is well known that LED bulbs have many major advantages over traditional bulbs (including CFL ‘Energy Efficient’ bulbs), the primary one being substantial energy cost savings. LED Filament Bulbs are even more energy efficient than conventional LED bulbs.
  • Thanks to the unique LED filament technology, LED bulbs can be made to look almost identical to classic incandescent filament bulbs
  • LED filament bulbs can be made to deliver very warm white colour temperatures down to 2200K and in addition they are available with amber coated glass to provide an even warmer cosy vintage look.
  • LED filament bulbs are available in all of the classic bulb shapes such as: regular A60/GLS, Candle bulb, golf ball / mini-globe, globe, squirrel cage, and others to suit all styles of light fittings. They can be dimmable or non-dimmable.
  • Conventional LED bulbs are somewhat constained in the maximum beam angle of light due to the packaging of driver electronics in the base of the bulb. The LED filament bulb can emit light through the full 360º for a more even spread of light and a more natural appearance.
  • LED filament bulbs have all of the advantages of regular LED bulbs over other types of bulbs, including, massive energy savings, very long life-time, environmentally friendly, no mercury content (as in CFL bulbs), not UV or IR radiation, no heat fromt he light source, instant ON light, excellent CRI (colour rendering), compatibility with smart lighting technology, etc.
Nostalgic Vintage LED Filament BulbsTypical Applications of LED Filament Bulbs

LED filament bulbs are ideal for the hospitality industry where soft comfortable environments are required, such as in restaurants, bars, cafes, hotel reception areas. They are also excellent for homes where a warm cosy atmosphere is desired. LED filament bulbs are a natural match for traditional lanterns and classic heritage style light fittings where a nostalgic effect is important. LED filament bulbs brings the best of both world to lighting, cutting-edge LED technology with no compromise to light quality and ambience. LED filament lamps are highly popular with professional Interior Designers and Architects.

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