LED Christmas Lights: An enlightened trend
1st December , 2010

LED Christmas Lights: An enlightened trend

LED Christmas LightsA rapidly growing trend in Christmas lighting is the use of LED (light emitting diode) lights which offer substantial advantages over old lighting systems based on unreliable incandescent filament bulbs. 

Although LED technology is emerging as the future of general purpose lighting due to major recent and continuing advances in this field, it is already proven beyond doubt for some time as the superior solution for Christmas lighting. 

SAFETY:       The most important consideration when choosing Christmas lights is safety. Given that LED lights generate very little heat (no matter how long they are switched ON) compared with traditional light bulb systems, LED lights are cool to touch, eliminating risk of burn and can be safely wrapped around real or imitation Christmas trees and other objects without risk of fire hazard. 

ASTHETICS:       LED technology has developed extensively since the first LED devices in the 1960s which were not so bright and only came in red. Now LEDs are much brighter and come in a wide range of vivid and pure colours and are highly effective in achieving atmosphere/ambience enhancement and controlled colour changing effects. It should be noted that old style incandescent bulbs used for Christmas lights such as the traditional fairy lights everyone is familiar with only come in white but are encased in coloured glass. LED lighting is ideal technology for flickering, dimming, fading and other lighting effects as such features put stress on old style filament bulbs causing them to burn out quicker (no effect on life-span of LEDs). 

COST SAVING:      Though the upfront cost of LED lights is a bit higher than old style lights (this gap is closing), the cost of ownership is a much better proposition as LED lights use a fraction of the electricity (as low as 10% of the power consumption of traditional Christmas lights). Given the very long life-span of LED lights, they do not need to be replaced for a long time – saving the need to buy new Christmas lights and the hassle of trying to replace filament bulbs at Christmas time.

DURABILITY:      LED bulbs are robust in design and as they are encased in tough plastic, they will not break easily. LED bulbs have a lifetime of over 50,000 hours compared to less than 5,000 hours for typical filament based bulbs. LED lights are generally suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses (check IP rating). LED lights can be easily stored and will not get damaged easily as happens a lot with old style lights. A frustrating aspect of the old traditional systems is the effect of one blown bulb knocking out the whole string. 

ENVIRONMENT:      As LED lights are substantially more energy efficient than other lighting systems, their use will minimise carbon footprint. Given that LEDs last multiple times longer, this of course means that far less waste is generated thus further supporting environmental sustainability.

 Peter English,  LEDVISTA,  www.ledvista.ie

  November 2010    Wexford, Ireland

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  2. Liz Harte says:

    That’s nice, LED Lighting don’t just give a cool and light effects in the environment, but it ensure safety lighting materials that are reliable and proven for lighting. great one!